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As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings are a marked-up set that indicate changes to the original project documents.  They are prepared and submitted by the Contractor.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
General Contractor
Sub-contractors mark-up the specific drawing sheets that apply to their work.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Archives
Scan and save into Meridian Project Archives.


Detailed Workflow

Before or at Substantial Completion, the Contractor will submit As-Built Drawings to the Project Representative.  The Project Representative will fill out the As-Built Drawing Transmittal and forward the set of drawings with transmittal to the Records Manager.  The documents will go through a review process from the Facilities Information Services  Manager, to the Lead Designer, back to the Facilities Information Services  Manager, then to the Consultant or in-house CAD drafter.  See the As-Built Drawing Procedure for specific steps in the review process.