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Contract Information for CPA

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Contract Request

NOTE:  The process for this form has been changed recently.  The form is now available as a Custom Print within Unifier.  Instructions for creating the Custom Print are available on the Unifier Support website:  Contract Request: Contract Information for CPA

The Contract Information for CPA (Campus Planning Administration) form contains project data for issuing a contract to a General Contractor or Construction Manager.

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Lead Designer
The form is available as a Custom Print from the Contract Request process in Unifier.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Lead Designer
Unifier Business Process
Contract Information for CPA is attached when the Contract Request is created in Unifier.


Detailed Workflow

The Lead Designer provides specific information about the project to Campus Planning Administration to facilitate issuing a contract to the General Contractor or Construction Manager.

The Lead Designer will attach the Contract Information for CPA when they create the Contract Request in Unifier.