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Drawings - Design Development

Drawings created during the Design Development phase are shared with the project team.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
Lead Designer,Consultant

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Lead Designer
Unifier Document Manager
Upload directly into the "DRAWINGS - DESIGN DEVELOPMENT" folder, or move from the "TRANSMITTALS TO BE FILED" folder to the "DRAWINGS - DESIGN DEVELOPMENT" sub-folder. Sub-folders may be created here for classifying documents by percent review or by discipline.


Detailed Workflow

During the Design Development phase, drawings may be submitted by the Consultant for review by the project team members using the Transmittal process in Unifier.  Or, drawings are created in-house by PDC design staff.  The set of documents will likely include Specifications as well as Drawings.  The Lead Designer or Project Manager is responsible for uploading or moving these types of drawings to the appropriate folder in the project Document Manager in Unifier.