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FAMIS Project Data - Design Phase (yellow sheet)

Form used by PDC design staff as a tool for noting specific data required to be input into the FAMIS database.

Original Form

Who originates it?:
EAS Administrative Support
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This form is available for the EAS Front Office to access in Meridian Forms, and use as a template for a new project.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Archives
File in Meridian Archives.


Detailed Workflow

At the beginning of the design phase, EAS Administrative Support will print out the form and fill in project information, then place the form within the project folder.  The EAS Front Office will give the project folder to the Assistant Design Administrator.  The Assistant Design Administrator may use the form to identify the Lead Designer and other design staff team members.  The Assistant Design Administrator will give the project folder to the Lead Designer who will use the FAMIS Project Data form as a tool for identifying specific FAMIS information on the project.