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Justification Memo

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Contract Request

A Justification Memo is required for procurement of goods or services on a Capital Project, when the cost is greater than a threshold amount as described in the Justification Memo Process.

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Project Manager
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This form is available for PDC Staff to access in Meridian Forms, and use as a template.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Manager
Unifier Business Process
Justification Memo is attached when the Contract Request is created in Unifier.


Detailed Workflow

The Project Manager performs the following tasks:

  1. Determine if a justification memo is required
  2. If required, draft the memo
  3. Forward to direct supervisor for signature
  4. Forward to PDC Business Office Manager for signature
  5. Attach to the Contract Request for procurement of the material or service