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Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent may be issued to a Contractor prior to the issuance of the Construction Contract or Purchase Order.

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Lead Designer,Project Representative
This form is available for PDC Staff to access in Meridian Forms, and use as a template for a new project. There are two different formats, depending on the project type (Purchase Order, Minor, or Major).

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
PDC Administrative Support
Unifier Document Manager
Upload into the "CORRESPONDENCE\CONTRACTOR" sub-folder.


Detailed Workflow

Either the Lead Designer or Project Representative may issue a Letter of Intent to the selected Contractor on a project in order to have some administrative work performed prior to issuance of a Purchase Order to the Contractor.  An example is when there is equipment that has a long delivery period, the shop drawing process may need to begin as soon as possible rather than waiting for the Purchase Order to be issued.  The Letter of Intent goes through a review process by the Design Administrator or Construction Supervisor, PDC Administrative Support, and Director of PDC.  PDC Administrative Support sends the Letter of Intent to the Contractor and files the document in the project Document Manager in Unifier.