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MSU Construction Standards Deviation Log

The MSU Construction Standards Deviation Log is a required submittal from the Design Consultant. It is used to document project design components that deviate from the published MSU technical construction standards. The Log is also a required attachment to design documents issued for plan review.

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Project Manager,Construction Manager,General Contractor
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Consultants and PDC design staff are required to use this form.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Manager
Unifier Business Process
The Consultant will attach the Deviation Log to each Payment Application. For smaller project, the Project Manager will upload the Deviation Log into the "Design Document" folder in the project Document Manager in Unifier so that it may be accessed by the project team.


Detailed Workflow

The MSU Construction Standards Deviation Log is created either by the Project Manager (on small projects) or by the Consultant (on large projects).  The Deviation Log is used to document decisions made to either accept or reject potential deviations from the MSU Construction Standards.  The Consultant is required to submit the Deviation Log as an attachment to each progress payment.  For smaller, in-house projects, the Project Manager will keep the form filed in the Unifier Document Manager for the project.  If there are any deviations from the standards, the Deviation Log will be attached to the Skilled Trades Inspectors Transmittal during the plan review process.