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On Minor and Major projects, payments to Consultants, Construction Managers and Contractors are processed using Payment Applications.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
Construction Manager,General Contractor,Consultant
The format for payment applications is in Unifier. Consultants, Construction Managers and Contractors may use their own formats for back-up materials attached to the payment application.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Construction Manager,General Contractor,Consultant
Unifier Business Process
Payments are requested and processed in Unifier Payment Applications.


Detailed Workflow

On minor and major projects, Contractors, Consultants and Construction Managers will submit requests for payment using the Unifier Payment Applications process.  All required back-up materials will be attached to the Payment Application.  The Payment Application will go through a review process by the Project Representative (contractor payments and consultant payments during construction phase) or Lead Designer (consultant payments during design phase), Auditing, Construction Supervisor (contractor payments) or Design Administrator (consultant payments)Director of PDC, and Purchasing.  Final Payments are also reviewed by the Physical Plant Facilities Information Services Manager, to ensure all required submittals have been received.