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Project Equipment Data

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Design Phase - Equipment ID

Project Equipment Data contains information about new equipment and materials installed on a Capital Project.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
IPF Staff Member

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Archives
Records will scan and upload the Project Equipment Data into Meridian Archives.


Detailed Workflow

The Design Staff Assistant will gather information on all equipment and materials installed on a Capital Project that must be maintained in the future.  The information will be documented using the Project Equipment Data spreadsheet.  Information includes the identification and location of equipment and materials, manufacturer, model number, technical data, area served by new air conditioning equipment, status of shop drawings, FAMIS equipment identification number, warranty information, and life cycle data.  The completed form will be given to the Preventive Maintenance Coordinator in Maintenance Services to input into the FAMIS Equipment database and to assign FAMIS Equipment numbers if not already assigned.  The form will be sent back to the Design Staff Assistant to fill in any missing FAMIS Equipment numbers and attach the equipment numbers to the associated shop drawings and O&M manuals in Meridian Archives, and forward the form to Records.  Facilities Information Services will upload the completed form in Meridian Archives.