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Project Planning Partners List

The Project Planning Partners List is used as a resource for communicating with various individuals on and off Campus involved in a Capital Project.

Instructions for the Project Manager:

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Project Manager
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The Project Planning Partners List (in excel spreadsheet form) is available in Meridian for PDC Staff to copy into the Projects area and edit for their particular project.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Manager
Unifier Business Process
Project Planning Partners List is attached to the "PROJECT APPROVALS - STEP 2 BOT" process in Unifier, for major projects only. For other project types, the list will be kept with the project file during the design phase, and stored in Meridian Archives when the project is completed.


Detailed Workflow

The Project Manager will use the spreadsheet to document communications with individuals in the Campus community when working on a Capital Project.  At the beginning of the design phase, the Project Manager will contact the planning partners that may have involvement based on the work scope included in the project, using the outlook group called PDC Project Planning Partners and the Planning Partners Template.  For Major projects, the Project Manager will attach the spreadsheet when they submit the CIPWG and Board of Trustees Step 2 - Authorization to Proceed forms in Unifier.