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Project Request

Describes the work scope, budget and schedule on a Self-Performed Project, and typically includes drawings. 

Original Form

Who originates it?:
Lead Designer
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The Project Request form is available for PDC Staff to access in Meridian Forms, and use as a template for a new project.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Archives
Records will scan and add the Project Request and supporting documents in the following locations: (1) Meridian Project Archives - Documents (2) Meridian Project Archives - Drawings (3) Unifier Document Manager - Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Services folder


Detailed Workflow

When the design documents are complete for a Self-Performed Project, the Lead Designer will fill out the Project Request by pulling up the form in Meridian Forms and saving the completed form in Meridian Active Projects.  The Lead Designer will also fill out the Budget Cost Summary and attach it to the Project Request.  The Design Administrator and Director of PDC will review the Project Request.  PDC Administrative Support will enter project data into FAMIS and distribute the Project Request.  Distribution is as follows:  Project Services (or other Building Services department) who will be performing the work, PDC Administrative Assistant for fee processing, Design Administrator/Special Projects/Building Floor Plans/Lead Designer, FIS, Department of Police and Public Safety, and the Customer.  The PDC Administrative Assistant will forward to the AVP for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, then to PDC Administrative Support.  Facilities Information Services will be responsible for filing the Project Request in Meridian Archives as well as in the Document Manager in Unifier.