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Project Specifications

Project Specifications are created and included along with the Project Drawings in the bid set of documents for Purchase Order, Minor and Major projects.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
Lead Designer

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Lead Designer,Consultant
Unifier Document Manager
The design team may use the "DESIGN DOCUMENT" Folder to store the working versions of the project specifications. An MSU staff member may create sub-folders here to organize the specifications. The Consultant on the project has access to upload review copies of specifications here, or may use the Unifier Transmittal process to send documents to the MSU representative to review.


Detailed Workflow

The Project Specifications are created either by the Lead Designer (on smaller projects) or by the Consultant or Construction Manager (on larger projects).   Resources for creating the Specifications are based on the MSU Standards for Construction.  Specifications consist of Front End Documents and Technical Standards.  When preparing the project documents, designers reference the Design Guidelines and Standard Details.  For the process related to the final bid set of specifications, please click on the Related Content to the right.