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Surveys (Site and As-Built)

A Site Survey, including pre-construction and as-built, may be required based on the scope of work involved in the project.

Original Document

Who originates it?:
Surveying Firm may use their own format for the Survey.

Final Document Placement

Who is responsible?:
Project Archives
Facilities Information Services will scan and upload the hard copy of each survey into Meridian Archives and the electronic copies into Meridian Active Projects.


Detailed Workflow

The project manager will coordinate with the PDC Mapping Coordinator for Site and As-built Survey Requests.  The PDC Mapping Coordinator will obtain competitive bids from approved Surveying Firms, based on University Standards. Bids and Bid Summaries will be stored in Meridian Tasks under Site "Topographic Survey Request" or "Asbuilt".  When the pre-construction survey is completed, a hard copy as well as AutoCAD and pdf versions of the site survey will be given to the PDC Mapping Coordinator who will place the AutoCAD and PDF in Meridian Active Projects for use by the Project Team in creating the project documents.  The PDC Mapping Coordinator will submit the mylar copy to PDC Facilities Information Services who will be responsible for scanning and uploading the pre-construction site survey into the Meridian document management system.  

The same process will occur for the as-built site survey completed upon completion of the project.