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Communication about your project

When the Planning Design and Construction (PDC) department in IPF receives a Service Request, a Capital Project is set up to track all the information that is accumulated during the life of the project.  The term Capital Project is used for any project managed by PDC, regardless of the project budget or scope.  (The only exception to this is projects involving interior design only which are set up as a Project Request rather than a Capital Project).

Within a few days of receipt of the Service Request, the Customer will receive a project status memo, providing the name of the person in PDC who will be working directly with the Customer on the project.

As the project progresses, whether it only involves a cost assessment for budgeting purposes, or complete design and construction services, there will be continuous communication with the Customer.  Interaction will include site visits, meetings, e-mail and other types of communication throughout the duration of the project.

PDC has documented standard procedures for all phases of a Capital Project.  Detailed information primarily used by PDC staff, Consultants and Contractors, is available for reference on the Capital Project Delivery Procedures website.