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Construction Waste Management

Documentation of the quantity of construction waste recycled, reclaimed, reused or sent to the landfill.

The Project Representative will create a record in Unifier and send it to the General Contractor, who will receive an e-mail notification of a task to fill out the form within the Construction Waste Management process.  The form will go through a review process by the Consultant and the Project Representative.  The form may be returned to the Contractor for revision or will be accepted.  For major projects, the Contractor may be asked to submit Construction Waste Management data on a monthly or other periodic basis.  For smaller projects, the Contractor will only be asked to submit data at the end of the project.

Use of this Process

Use the Construction Waste Management process in the Project Management System (Unifier) to provide data on the construction waste which is being recycling, reused or delivered to landfill.