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Base Contractors

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities utilizes Base Contractors for various construction services.

For the current list of Base Contractors, click on the link below:

Base Contractor List

Guidelines for the “MSU IPF/PDC Base Contractors List”

  1. Number of IPF/PDC Base Contractors will be limited to approximately up to 7/9 per trade (general, mechanical, electrical and controls).
  2. Projects will be limited to Purchase Order size (less than $250,000 project cost).
  3. Completion of projects on a timely basis with a high level of quality.
  4. Resolution of field problems in a cooperative and fair manner.
  5. Regular bidding on projects of this size. (Participation on every project is not mandatory; however, a repeated pattern of non-participation is adequate grounds for losing one’s “IPF/PDC Base Contractor” status).  Contractors must confirm with Project Manager prior to bid if they will NOT be bidding project.
  6. Extensive familiarity with University Policies, Procedures, and Construction Standards.
  7. Utilization of common subcontractors and timely payment to subcontractors and suppliers.
  8. Submission of AIA 305 Contractor’s Qualification Statement.
  9. The Prime Contractor for an “IPF/PDC Base Contractor” project shall only use “IPF/PDC Base Contractors” for the categories of Controls, General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, and Electrical Contractors.
  10. E-bidding will be required on these projects through UNIFIER.
  11. We will be tracking all bidders, we will look for the contractor with the low bid to provide all subcontractors that bid to them.  We will not be asking for prices.
  12. Safety Plans must be submitted to Kevin Durkin no later than October 1, 2018, they may be sent electronically.
  13. Base Contractor projects will be advertised on the ARC website.


ARC Website:

MSU Standards for Construction are located on the following website:


Kevin Durkin 517-930-7274

Jack Mumma 517-884-0772

Kelsey Weiler 517-930-6843

IPF/PDC Business Office