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Budget Reminders

Review with Project Representative

Review budget at each step of the process with the Project Representative.

Capital Renewal Projects

Include fee for the Facilities Information Services Administrator in project budget (look up in actual costs in FAMIS).

Reference the Capital Renewal database for the building to determine if any related items can/should be considered in the project.

Parking Space Reduction

Project Budget to include $4,000 payment to DDPS for each reduction in number of parking spaces due to scope of project.

Site and As-built Surveys

Average survey costs for sites less than 10 acres:

Average survey costs for sites 10 acres or greater:

Utility Meters

All Utility Meters will be provided by the MSU Power and Water Department.  Include purchase cost as a separate line item in the Budget.

Hazardous Waste Handling by ORCBS

For any hazardous waste handling to be done by Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) rather than a Contractor, use Budget Code 595.  Contact EHS when estimating and budgeting this item.

FAMIS Budget Codes = Unifier WBS Codes

The Budget Cost Summary uses a numbering system called FAMIS Budget Codes.  The corresponding numbering system in Unifier processes are called WBS Codes.

Use of this Reference

When filling out a Budget Cost Summary, remember to consider the items listed above.