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Skilled Trades Construction Reps (STCR)

Skilled Trades Construction Reps (STCR) are MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities staff members who are uniquely qualified and trained in specific areas of construction.  They are an invaluable resource during all phases of a Capital Project, from the initial planning, through design and construction, to the maintenance of the systems after completion of the project.

Trade Specific Construction Representatives have the following areas of expertise:

Main Office Phone:  884-4980

Supervisor:  Jason Vallance, ph. 353-3111,

Plan Review contact: Alex Newman, ph. 599-2580,

Involving the Trade Specific Construction Representatives

During Planning / Estimating

At the very beginning of a Capital Project that involves renovations to existing facilities, the Trade Specific Construction Representatives are available to assist with field checking existing conditions.   The projected cost assessment of the project will be more accurate and inclusive based on this preliminary knowledge.

During Design

At the beginning and throughout the design phase, for any size Capital Project but especially for Major Projects, the Trade Specific Construction Representatives should be part of the design team.  Their involvement should include attending meetings where their specific area of expertise is being discussed, communication directly with the design consultants where appropriate, and continuous updates on the progress of the design.

At various milestones in the design phase, the Trade Specific Construction Representatives will submit comments on the design documents, using the Unifier Plan Review process.

During Construction

The Trade Specific Construction Representatives will assist the MSU Project Representative or Project Manager during construction, attending progress meetings where needed and inspecting work performed by the Contractor in their area of expertise.   During the rough-in and final completion of various components of the construction work, the Project Representative will use the MSU Inspection Acceptance form to document that the systems have been reviewed by the Trade Specific Construction Representatives.

After Construction

Upon completion of the project, the Trade Specific Construction Representatives are available to assist in correcting any ongoing issues that may occur.