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Utility Metering

Campus utilities are provided in two ways:

  1. Generated by the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Power and Water Department (including electrical, steam and water).
  2. Purchased from outside utility companies, such as Consumers Energy, Board of Water and Light, and the City of East Lansing.

Utility Meters are used to monitor the usage of electricity, steam, condensate, domestic water and natural gas.

A new resource for utility consumption and cost data is available on the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Utility Billing website.

For Capital Projects:

During Planning / Estimating

Responsibility of the Planner or Estimator:

During Design

Responsibilities of the Lead Designer or Project Manager:


The project budget will include the following line items:

During Construction

Responsibilities of the Project Manager:

Responsibilities of the Power Plant Metering Department representative:

Responsibilities of Building Performance Services:

After Construction

Responsibilities of Building Performance Services - Preventive Maintenance:

Utility Meter Installation Request

Project Representative or Project Manager will fill out this form early in the construction phase.

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